Letter from the Chairman

The Foundation for Islamic Culture and Religious Tolerance, through its diverse and varied activities, is committed to supporting the promotion of the values of human brotherhood.

Achieving global coexistence and peace is the objective of our Foundation, which is committed to its role as a cultural institution, in line with the contents of the Document on Human Fraternity, supporting scientific research related to our purposes and seeking to disseminate its message through the organization of scientific and cultural meetings, congresses and seminars, as well as sessions of dialogue between religions, and debates that seek to materialize the message of peace, mutual understanding and acceptance of the other.

This can only be achieved through constructive cooperation between universities, religious and cultural entities, and collaboration with all religions, establishing channels of dialogue between them, analyzing all issues related to tolerance and coexistence, both in the past, present and future, through the study of history and contemporary reality, examining the demands of the future at the Spanish, European and international level. The noble objective of these debates is to lay solid cultural foundations around the meaning of tolerance, coexistence and the values of human fraternity.

H. E. Ahmed Al Jarwan