The FICRT Foundation provides eight tonnes of food to needy families

Every year after the end of winter, the fields of our landscapes are dressed in spring during the month of May. However, the hope represented by spring does not reach all sectors of our society in the same way. Unfortunately, some families are experiencing severe socioeconomic vulnerability, which has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, the Foundation for Islamic Culture and Religious Tolerance wanted to contribute its grain of sand to make this spring 2021 a spring of solidarity and hope by delivering nearly 8 tonnes of food to vulnerable households.

Since its inception, FICRT has recognised that one of the most effective ways to promote tolerance is through solidarity. We believe in tolerance based on the importance of helping others, in being responsible and aware of everything that happens to each and every member of our society, and so we launched our first solidarity action of food distribution in May 2020..
The trucks, loaded with 2,000 boxes from our solidarity food distribution campaign, drove through a confined country where various families, some for the first time, were still living in socioeconomic vulnerability. During that year, which saw the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, FICRT stepped up its efforts and distributed more than eight tonnes of food to needy families through local Spanish associations.

During the month of May 2021, we wanted to bring the hope and solidarity of FICRT to the most vulnerable Spanish homes. Three Spanish cities, Madrid, Cordoba and Granada, have become the destinations to which different trucks, once again filled with FICRT food boxes, have headed.

On May 25, our solidarity caravan arrived in Granada and visited various institutions, including the Shaykh Zayed bin Soltan al-Nahyaan Mosque. More than 650 kilos of food were unloaded at the San Rafael Hospital, also in Granada’s capital,by various workers and volunteers from the Obra Social de San Juan de Dioswhich served more than 8,900 people through its Social Emergency and Food Guarantee Program in 2020.

In the words of Inés Riera, head of the San Rafael Hospital, “the generosity of entities such as the Foundation for Islamic Culture and Religious Tolerance makes the spirit of solidarity continue to gain momentum and that from San Juan de Dios we can continue to collaborate with such generous entities to ensure the welfare of those who need us.”.

It was this same spirit of solidarity that led us the next day, May 26, to the city of Cordoba, where the FICRT delivered nearly two tons of food to the “Medina Azahara” Food Bank of Cordoba. From this institution, and through a multitude of local associations, food is distributed to vulnerable families in Cordoba. “All of the Bank’s activities would not be possible without the generosity of entities such as FIRCT,” said Bank Director Carlos Eslava, as the FICRT food boxes were unloaded.

The last stop of our food distribution campaign took place on May 27 in Madrid, the capital city where our Foundation’s headquarters are located. Nearly 2,600 kilograms of food were distributed among institutions of various religious denominations such as the San Juan del Castillo Foundation and Pueblos Unidos -through the Parish of San Ignacio de Loyola-, the Bread and Fish Foundation and the Islamic Community of Leganés. Solidarity, like tolerance, does not understand skin color, religion or different cultures, it only sees people like the 2,500 people that the Bread and Fish Foundation has helped to build the Bread and Fish Foundation. “gets to deliver a cart with food, cleaning and personal hygiene products.” every month thanks to initiatives such as that of the Foundation for Islamic Culture and Religious Tolerance, as indicated by Rocío Redondo DelgadoDirector of the Bread and Fish Foundation.

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