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Tolerance and forgiveness are our duty. If the Almighty Creator can forgive, shouldn't we, being His creation, forgive?

Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, founder of the United Arab Emirates

There is no other choice: we must build the future together or there will be no future. Religions, especially, cannot relinquish the urgent task of building bridges between nations and cultures

Pope Francis

There will be no peace among nations without peace among religions; there will be no peace among religions without interreligious dialogue.

Hans Küng, Catholic priest and Swiss theologian

Dialogue rooted in sound moral laws fosters conflict resolution and promotes respect for life, for every human life. Therefore, the use of weapons to settle disputes invariably implies the defeat of reason and humanity

Pope John Paul II

If we cannot settle our differences, let's work towards making the world a place suitable for them

J. F. Kennedy, president of the United States

The world is my country, all mankind are my brothers and doing good is my religion.

Thomas Paine, English politician and writer

As we live with each other on this earth we need to finally recognize the reality of fraternity. We are brothers, we share one common destiny

Wilfred Peterson, American writer

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