Master in Tolerance and World Peace Studies

The Global Council for Tolerance and Peace (GCTP) and the Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM) share a common and shared mission and play an important role in preparing peace promoters and tolerance advocates to face and respond to the challenges of the multicultural present, such as violence, terrorism, aggressive nationalism, racism, exclusion, marginalization, and discrimination.

The two institutions work to instill in future generations the value of rejecting violence and choosing peaceful methods of resolving disputes and conflicts. They will strive constructively and relentlessly to teach in leaders and individuals the value of sharing, responsiveness, respect for others, and solidarity, all of which are based on self-confidence and the ability to identify the differed aspects of the human being in various cultural and social situations.

Master in Tolerance and World Peace Studies
is co-organized by GCTP and UCAM’s Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication.

This graduate program leads to the Master of Arts in Tolerance and Global Peace Studies (MATP) degree and equips students with the essential knowledge and competences to acquire particular skills linked to international peacekeeping efforts.

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