Working breakfast at the FICRT Foundation with the Indonesian Ambassador to Spain

The Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in Spain, Muhammad Najib, visited the headquarters of the FICRT Foundation on May 11, where he attended a breakfast meeting with the Foundation’s President, Jumaa AlKaabi.

During the meeting, which was also attended by representatives of the Indonesian press who were visiting Spain, the ambassador and the president of FICRT discussed future joint projects in the field of culture and diversity.

A collaboration whose starting point is the participation of Muhammad Najib in the First Cordoba Forum ‘From Islam-Christian Dialogue to the Abrahamic Family’ and which will continue with various joint activities.

Indonesian ambassador presents a copy of his book to Jumaa AlKaabi
Indonesian ambassador presents a copy of his book to Jumaa AlKaabi


Ambassador Najib presented the president of FICRT with a copy of his latest book, dedicated to the Alhambra in Granada, which will soon be translated into Spanish.

Jumaa AlKaabi also answered some questions raised by the Indonesian media representatives accompanying the ambassador and updated them on the Foundation’s activities and upcoming projects.

The visit concluded with a commitment to carry out joint activities and with the presentation to the ambassador of a souvenir of the Foundation.